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              A Beginner's Guide to Art Appreciation               

( Starts Wednesday 1st May, 2019  7.00 pm

Ashfield Girls High School Belfast )


 Six Illustrated talks on Wednesdays  7.00pm – 9.00 pm

Four gallery/studio visits Saturdays 10.30 am or at other agreed times depending on exhibitions/circumstances  )

Fee; 80 ( ten sessions)


Many of us have stood in art galleries and museums and asked " What is this?", " Why does it look that way?",  " Is this really Art?"

This course is designed to make your visits to galleries and museums more enjoyable and rewarding by giving you the confidence to ask questions about the Art you see and the ability to understand the reasons why it may have been created.

The course  will introduce you to the work of major artists and styles  from the mid 19th century to the present and will show you how artists have reflected the times they have lived in. You will also visit galleries and  studios, allowing you to develop the confidence to analyse and discuss the work you see .

The course is an ideal starting  point for those with little or no experience of Art History. It is also a useful support for students studying other  Art related courses at school or college . 


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